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Clearhouse LLP - Charn Hansra, CPA, CA, is a Mississauga-based Chartered Accountant (CPA) firm that provides tailored accounting solutions, including tax & advisory services, for small-to-medium sized businesses. Call 416-613-8299 to learn more.

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Accountant Mississauga
One situation in which you'll want to have an accountant on your team is when dealing with CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). For most companies, the regular monthly or quarterly process of collecting and remitting GST/HST and payroll deductions is competently handled by their general bookkeeping staff or outsourced service provider; however, when it comes to an audit, examination, or other CRA enquiries outside of the normal course of business, the government's process can disrupt and overwhelm your company's normal routine. And that's where we can provide a helping hand, whether it's simply responding in the best manner to CRA requests, or negotiating a fair resolution.

Accounting Firms Mississauga
We are very pleased to be able to say that most of our new business comes from referrals. We are highly selective when it comes to creating relationships, choosing to work with those clients who we know will benefit from our full service value-added offering. By the same token, our clients are equally discerning, and demanding of their accounting firm, and we take pride in knowing they are happy to pass our contact information on to others.

Chartered Accountant Mississauga
As a Chartered Professional Accountant, Charn Hansra has the educational background and the real world experience to provide accounting services that go well beyond tallying and reporting. For your business to prosper and grow, it is important to look forward as well as backward. Budgeting and forecasting, combined with analysis of and comparison to your industry's standard ratios, are critical elements in evaluating past performance and future potential.

CPA Mississauga
If you are launching a new business that needs access to capital, or managing an existing operation with ongoing loans or lines of credit for working capital or inventory, for example, presenting financial statements and reasonable forecasts in a timely manner are key components of satisfying your lender's requirements. Book an appointment with Charn Hansra, CPA, to learn how he can help keep the lines of communication with your lender open, and the lines of credit secure.

Mississauga Accountant
While his business card notes his professional designation as "CPA, CA", Charn identifies his role as more than "just" an accountant. His job as he sees it is to understand where his clients are today in terms of net worth, and where they aim to reach, and to help them map out a plan to reach that apex through maximizing the value of their business and real estate holdings.

Tax Accountant Mississauga
Our tax preparation services are suited for corporate clients and for individuals who require our specific expertise with respect to real estate investments and/or high net worth portfolios. We also offer tax planning services, for those investors and business owners who are well advised to look ahead to future tax liabilities, and plan now for mitigating their impact.

If you have questions about our how accounting services can help you reach your goals, please call our Mississauga office at 416-613-8299, or email us. We will respond to your call or email within 24 hours.