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One situation in which you'll want to have an accountant on your team is when dealing with CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). For most companies, the regular monthly or quarterly process of collecting and remitting GST/HST and payroll deductions is competently handled by their general bookkeeping staff or outsourced service provider; however, when it comes to an audit, examination, or other CRA enquiries outside of the normal course of business, the government's process can disrupt and overwhelm your company's normal routine. And that's where we can provide a helping hand, whether it's simply responding in the best manner to CRA requests, or negotiating a fair resolution.

Our connections make us unique. While the CPA designation identifies Charn Hansra as a professional accountant, a more accurate job title would be Professional Trusted Advisor. He fosters relationships with his clients, and with other specialists (lawyers, lenders, investment advisors, and so on) to broker connections that solve problems and help clients achieve their net worth targets.

The accounting team at our firm supports entrepreneurs and businesses in achieving their goals through award-winning accountancy, audit, tax and advisory services. How we can help you today?

If you have questions about our how accounting services can help you reach your goals, please call our Mississauga office at 416-613-8299, or email us. We will respond to your call or email within 24 hours.